Hawaii Vacation is a Vacation to Remember

By James Mcdonald

The Hawaiian Islands attract thousands of tourists annually due to their bays, sandy beaches, palm trees, and blazing sunshine all year round. The islands are known to be in length of 1,523 miles and stretching from the southeast to northeast. Did you know that there are 132 islands, but there are only six that are mostly inhabited. Those six are O'ahu, Maui, Kaua'i, Hawaii, Moloka'i and Lana'i.

There are 1.2 million people living in the Hawaiian Islands. The official languages are Hawaiian and English. The islands are home to more than 10,000 plants and animals found nowhere else on earth such as palms, cactus, coconut palms, kanani, ohia, kukui, and hau trees, many tropical flowers, various coloured fruits, coffee and macadamia nuts.

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. It is probably the most visited of all islands. It is known for having a relaxed tropical atmosphere that tourists adore. This 595 square island has large areas of sugar cane fields, amazing mountain ranges, rain forests, hidden beaches and spectacular surfing. Many tourists are shocked to find out that the sea temperatures stay at a constant range of anywhere from eighty to eighty two degrees year round.

Maui is a stunning islands in the Pacific that was miraculously formed by two volcanoes. This island has romantic sandy coves for couples to spend time on. Secluded beaches, rain forests and tropical gardens also provide tourists with a chance to get away from the busy world. The Garden Isle or Kaua'i is made up of colors, rainbows, misty valleys, shrouded mountains, tropical rain forests, wild orchids, palms, grasslands, coral reefs and beaches. Did you know that Kaua'i has forty three white sandy beaches? Kaua'i also have over ninety percent rare plants that are unique to Hawaii.

Hawaii is the youngest of the islands and is an island of fire and snow with 11 distinct climate zones. It has an average annual rainfall of only 11 inches.

Moloka'i is a stunning island that is only 38 miles long and 10 miles wide. It is fifth largest and most rural of all Hawaiian Islands. This is not an island for those that have a lust for nightlife. Moloka'i only has a few roads, no traffic lights, and no nightclubs! The island is surrounded with dense wilderness and wooded mountains.

Lanai is located near the island of Maui and was once famous for pineapples. It can be reached by air or boat and has just 2000 residents. The bay with its dolphins is rated one of the top scuba diving destinations. - 31999

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Tropical Hawaiian Sunsets

By Jamie Aderson

If you are looking for a nice place and romantic scene for your wedding, honeymoon or any special occasion, you can miss a Hawaii sunset. This island is more than just a wonderful beach with crystal clear water and white sand. This place will take your breath away with a beautiful sunset, friendly people and tropical weather.

Hawaii has been a top favorite by many people to spend their special moments in life. No one can say that they will forget the times that they spent on this adventurous island. This is the place for you to be if you want to see wonderful sunsets that are unique to any other in the world!

You have the choice of taking a cruise where you can see one of the most spectacular sunsets on this planet from the luxury of a ship. This is wonderful option for those that are involved in a special occasion such as a proposal for marriage or birthday.

Many have stated that they enjoyed seeing stars in the sky and seasonal meteor showers while waiting on the sun to set. You may want to think about packing a camera because you will see things in this sky that you won't probably see in any other place in the world. The sky will display a wide array of colors while the sun is in the process of setting. It may sound crazy, but you will see the sky turn from blue to purple, pink, orange, red. This amazing feat will take place in front of your eyes.

This is a once in a lifetime you shouldn't miss. A camera is recommended, but your mind will be enough for you to capture these tantalizing moments. You will see how Mother Nature works her magic in Hawaii. Do you love rainbows? You may get a chance to see a rainbow while the sky turns into different colors. A sunset in Hawaii is very special and should not be underestimated by any tourist. It is something that you will treasure and remember for the rest of your life! - 31999

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Hawaiian Tour Information

By Jim Stevenson

Have you ever been to a beautiful and exotic rain forest? Do you yearn to visit one? If so, Hawaii is the place that you need to visit. Hawaii tours will take you through all of the lush rain forests wherein you will be able to see native and exotic plants. You will also be awarded the chance of sampling wild tropical fruits while you and feel the mist of a waterfall. Submarine tours around Hawaii is one of the most diverse tours that any tourist will every take. Submarine tours allows visitors to see the undersea world at its best. You will witness eels, lobsters, turtles, sharks, and beautiful reef fish. A swell alternative to the submarine tour would be climbing aboard a yacht and have fun watching humpback whales play in the water.

Expand your horizons by taking the helicopter tour. There is no better way to see all of the exotic beauty that the Hawaiian tropical paradise has to offer. Helicopter tours are extremely safe and easy on the environment. This is one unique magical travel experience that you don't want to miss out on!

Hawaii sightseeing tours are unique in how they allow tourists to experience Hawaii's culture from the past to the present. Are you an avid shopper? You will get nothing but a top notch shopping experience during your stay. Your dining experience in Hawaii will broaden your taste buds. There are so many different ethnic and exotic restaurants for you to choose from. Good luck in making your choice!

Have you heard or read about The Pineapple Tours? They give you an insider look into all of the early plantations on the island. You will also learn about today's current pineapple planting and harvesting procedures that take place on the island. You do have the option of riding along the cliffs, valley floors, and beaches while riding on a mule. Using mules has been a tradition on the island for over one hundred years. It has been noted that hundreds of tourists adored navigating around the island on a mule.

Volcano tours explore ancient lava flows or experience an active volcano up close.Volcano tours are the perfect way to witness the awesome force that can build islands in the middle of the ocean. Explore a lava tube cave created by a massive volcanic eruption 4700 years ago. Hualalai Volcano in Kona is one of the least explored volcanoes and one with the most diverse geologic formations. The cave is very large with an average height of 30 + feet. Hawaii has many tours with many beautiful things to see. - 31999

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Get the most out of Hawaii

By Marc Ferguson

Hawaii is one of the most sought after vacation destinations for many travelers every year. The beauty that is found is one that is unforgettable and is only unique to Hawaii. It offers more than breath taking views. It offers fun activities, anything from surfing to relaxing in the sun, or enjoying a one of the kind meal.

If you are looking for a quick vacation this might not be the best pick for you. Depending on where your home town is located, it can take as long as 1 day to travel to Hawaii. However, if you can look past the long flight, than you will experience a vacation of a lifetime. It is recommended that when visiting travelers rent a vehicle to truly experience everything that Hawaii has to offer.

You may even want to consider a flight or boat ride to one of the many neighbor islands of Hawaii. Each of hawaii's islands has it own name and unique natural features. The Hawaiian Islands include: Maui (the Valley Island), Kaho'olawe (the Target Island), Lana'i (the Pineapple Island), Moloka'I (the Friendly Isle), O'ahu (the Gathering Place), Kaua'i (the Garden Isle), and Ni'ihau (the Forbidden Isle).

Each of the islands of has a number of its own hidden treasures. Kauai's Napali Coast is one of the world's most pristine hiking trails. Molokai's Kaupoa Beach is a calm peaceful ocean-side getaway. Maui's Haleakala National Park offers hillside views make you feel like you are all alone at the center of the world.

With more than 55 state parks, 2 national parks, and a sorted number of historical parks, it always offers something new to see or visit. If a traveler wants to see a volcano without the risk, they can visit Haleakala.

The Hawaiian culture grew out of the native Polynesian's who inhabited the islands around 800 AD. The culture of these native people can still be seen in the local languages and is preserved in the names of locations and businesses. However, much of the culture has been lost of the years as it was melded with immigrants from Europe and Asia. Today the population of Hawaii is as diverse as much of America, with a majority of citizens being of Filipino or Japanese descent. Regardless of the country of origin, most Hawaiians are American's first, Hawaiian's second, & then they reference their ancestral nationality.

There are a few customs that mainlander's should be aware of before visiting Hawaii. First and foremost, Hawaii is a US state. That said, you should never ask a Hawaiian if they take US currency or have been to the United States. Much like other states, people who are "From Hawaii" live in American houses and wear American clothes, very few people in Hawaii have every worn a grass skirt or lived in a hut. If you come to Hawaii expecting to see third world island homes, be expected to be called a Haole or foreigner.

Hawaii offers unique views that cannot be seen anywhere else. When vacationing take your camera and remember to bring extra memory cards. Whether traveling for the culture, pure beauty, or the rich history, this is a vacation to remember. - 31999

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Activities to do on the Big Island of Hawaii

By Marc Ferguson

The Big Island of Hawaii can keep you busy for days. There are so many different attractions and activities that you can do, that you will need a vacation after your vacation. From the beautiful beaches and coral reefs to the high volcanic peeks. There is much to explore, and many ways to do it. You better not forget to bring a camera along with your trip.

Going up the Wailua River in a kayak is one of the best ways to start. Travel like some many of the ancient people of Hawaii did. As you travel see and hear exactly what they heard. Once you have gone up the river for a bit, make sure to hike the trails to see the Secret Falls with their 80 foot waterfall.

Ride the helicopter tours over the ancient volcanoes of Hawaii, where you will see the volcanoes in a different perspective, some while they are spewing out lava. View the great valleys bellow, and take a peak at the wonderful water falls. These beautiful sites can only be viewed from an air tour.

During the winter months be sure to take a whale watching tour. Hear the whales as they communicate with one another. Watch the whales play and dance with each other. This is something you will never forget. For the evening be sure to check out some of the wonderful dinner shows, which offer dancing and cocktails.

End your day with a dinner cruise that will give you a whole new prospective on the islands. Usually there is a lesson in history of the places you pass by depending on which tour you choose. There is also the added bonus of seeing fish glide along by the boat while you enjoy your romantic dinner and watch the sunset. What a way to end a beautiful day! - 31999

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All About Hawaii - 3 Tips to Having A Relaxing Holiday

By Jack Lords

Hawaii is such an amazing island that once you are there you will never want to leave.

Many people dream about visiting these amazing islands, below are three reasons why everyone should try to have an Hawaiian experience.

1. The Best Place To Relax - Most of us have very hectic lifestyles and it can be hard to find the time or place to wind down - here in Hawaii, it is all waiting for you. The beaches are calm and tranquil, offering a great place to escape for your usual manic life. Whether it is long strolls or simply catching some rays, the beaches here will offer it all.

2. Fun Outdoors - If your idea of a holiday is having plenty of activities and sports to try, then Hawaii can keep you busy.The beaches of Hawaii offer a wide range of activities including snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and much more. However, the activities are not limited to the beach. Hawaii is a group of volcanic islands and this has created mountains to climb which offer a great experience and amazing scenery.

3. Hawaiian Culture - No one knows exactly when the Hawaiian islands were first inhabited, but the natives are very keen to maintain their culture and accordingly it is on display all the time. You will find plenty of festivals and shows of traditional celebrations whatever time of year you visit.

Hawaii is a well known destination for weddings, but it is also a great place to visit with a family. Whatever you are hoping to do on your holiday, Hawaii will probably offer it.

The kids will love the outdoor life of Hawaii. This is a great opportunity for them to try lots of different sports and you can organize lessons or book them into a kids club, so you will also get some time out. Equally, if you are all going to spend your time together there are plenty of relaxing ways to pass the time as a family.

I am confident that Hawaii will give you a holiday to remember. - 31999

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What About Taking That Hawaiian Cruise Wellness Vacation Now

By John Smith

There is a wide array of ways to spend your time during your Hawaiian cruise. You will be entertained and engaged by an impressive array of tasty restaurants fun activities and amazing shows that will guarantee that your trip will not be boring. You will also be busy taking in the sites as you stop by popular ports. You will have a stunning array of pastimes on your Hawaiian Cruise from beach activities to shopping excursions to taking in the sites in a year round pleasant climate.

Now our 50th state Hawaii has become a cosmopolitan flavor reflecting elements of cultures found around the world. It was originally settled around-00 years ago and it has the elements of many different cultures. Each Island in this amazing state has it's own way of doing things yet all of the islands still retain their spirit of hospitality. The kindness here is known world wide.

The state of Hawaii is comprised of many smaller islands that all have a unique flavor with different sites. While on the island of Hawaii you might want to visit the Kilauea crater. Be on the look out for the fire goddess Pele who is said to inhabit this extraordinary natural wonder. Honolulu is a paradise for those who enjoy great nature. Maui has amazing water sites.

Most people think sun and beaches when they start packing for their Hawaiian cruise. But look beyond your swimsuit when filling your suitcase. Even though youll spend a fair amount of time on the beach you will enjoy other activities as well.

Pack some tank tops shorts and a sundress or two. But also throw in a light jacket and one warm outfit. Even sunny Hawaii can have unpredictable weather. A little forethought can keep you from getting caught off guard. Of course sun block and sun glasses are a must. As well as a camera and some music.

Keep in mind that medical attention is limited when you're on a boat. Even more so if you will be spending long times at see while on your cruise. Make sure that you not only have enough of your standard medications but that you also have an extra supply for unexpected situations. It's a good idea to call your doctor and find out if certain sea-sickness drugs will have any type of reactions with your current medications.

Even though you're excited about your Hawaiian cruise do not over do it and tax yourself. Make sure you are prepared however only bring the necessary medications. Let's make sure you are able to spend the entire cruise outdoors and in good health. Just bring what is necessary.

While there is a lot to do both on and off the cruise ship each Hawaiian cruise package is different. Do a little research before booking your Hawaiian cruise to ensure that the itinerary and amenities match your expectations. With the wide variety of packages available you should have no trouble finding the perfect fit for you and your family. Even the most hard to please cruiser will be charmed by the friendly people amazing natural beauty and warm sun. Once you book your Hawaiian cruise be prepared to enjoy the gorgeous scenery amazing food and the friendly people. - 31999

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